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Attack on the Right to Trial by Jury

Should citizens who serve on juries in Missouri be prohibited from determining the damages suffered by patients who are severely injured due to medical mistakes? That is the issue being debated in the Missouri Legislature right now. In 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled our constitutional right to a trial by jury was violated if artificial caps were placed on lifelong damages for disfigurement, pain and physical suffering.

As President-Elect of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, I travel almost weekly to Jefferson City and give testimony against proposed laws that would infringe on our Seventh Amendment Right to a trial by jury in civil cases. Our firm believes the duty of an attorney for victims of medical malpractice goes beyond merely representing them in court. We have a political system in our country that allows for all points of view to be heard on any proposed law.

But no one knows if they or a family member might be a future victim of medical mistakes. As a trial lawyer, it is up to us to represent the interest of those who will, in the future, suffer serious injury or death due to medical mistakes.

AND we are proud to do so.


House Bill No. 1173