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Life Unworthy of Life?

Boeing is a large company with thousands of employees. Those employees or their family members sometimes get sick or have physical conditions requiring health care. Instead of paying their workers’ higher wages, Boeing pays into a fund that combines with employee payments to buy health insurance through a company like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBS-Illinois).

Linked to this article is a story of a son of one of Boeing’s workers who needs 24 hour nursing care to survive. BCBS-Illinois wants to end that needed care. The man’s physician believes he will die without the nursing care.

You can read the treating doctor’s letter to BCBS- Illinois in the link below.Our firm believes all life is sacred and an insurance company should not be the one to decide when a person’s life should end. Watch the news story from KMOV Channel 4 St. Louis and draw your own conclusion. Perhaps you might want BCBS- Illinois know what you think. You can contact them at BCBS List of Phone Numbers  or at their website.

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